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Welcome To the BoltMC SMP Server!

Join the server and see an amazing spawn made by our build team!
What will you do?
do /kit Tools to get started with some items! Also do /warp Tutorial to learn the commands and things to do!

I need more items. you may say, we are not a pay2win server! We give everyone 5 Voting crate keys apon join so you can get lots of things without!

Open your crates at /warp crates!

We have a fishing place where people can get started with their money-making journey. simply go there get a fishing rod from the NPC and sell your fish with the NPC!

I want to random tp! Do /wild we have a custom plugin for the wild. You will be teleported in front of a portal. Jump in and you can be teleported!

If you have any bugs contact the Staff team ingame and tell them and I the owner will try my best to fix them soon!


Q: Do you have mcmmo?

A: no we don't yet, we are working on it :)

Q: Do you have jobs?

A: Yes! we have a jobs plugin for everyone! do /jobs join to see all of them!

Q: How do I buy things/Is there a shop?

A: go to /warp Shop or do /warp.

Final question!

Q: do you have a donation store?

A: yes we do, the link is, you can buy fly, pets, trails and other things!

Thanks for checking out my post and Bye!

- Blaze!

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