Purely Survival

Tags: Anarchy Economy PvE PvP Roleplay Survival Towny

Purely Survival is a Minecraft server with nothing but survival. This also means no rules either! So be sure to find good ways to hide your base, as it may get greifed(destroyed/raided) by other people. This server isn't in hardcore mode, but the default world without mods(modifications). It's about as realistic as the game can get.

Whatever happens, HAPPENS. This world was created because the owner borrowed a VR headset and wanted to play Minecraft with it, but was unable to find a survival server without mods that either complicated things, or caused the game to crash suddenly while playing.

You'll have to deal with people on your own and find resources yourself. Sorry if you get spawned killed! There's nothing protecting you from other players and the things they have going on. We'd suggest you memorize the map, so you don't loose your base (seeing as you can't set home besides making a bed)!

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