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Welcome to the GAIA SMP, a long-since forgotten land amongst the vast realms that roam the universe. We welcome you, young traveler, to this world. Whether your purpose is to live a peaceful life or to begin your reign over a colony that is your path to choose, and the neutrality of the world will aid you in whatever quests you choose to seek.

We offer various things to aid you but for starters, let us get some key ideas straight:

We are a Minecraft Java 1.19 server with optional lore and an active SMP. We try to host events every once in a while, whether that be movie nights, game nights, or friendly competitions to keep our numbers up and provide entertainment for all of you. We do allow griefing but only in designated areas. That means that if it’s someone’s private property we ask that you please leave it alone. The same thing goes for any historic monuments or places of respect such as the spawn hub or the Technoblade memorial site. Stealing is allowed in all locations bi please be mindful of personal belongings that have long, meaningful connections such as pets and other things of a similar matter. Toxicity, to an extent, is bannable. That means no slurs or targets against any group or groups, keeping political discussion out of our chats and stopping harassment among our members. With all that in mind, please consider checking out GAIA! Stay for a day or maybe a while and don’t hesitate to report any breaches in our policies to our owners or staff members.

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