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Satiz is a Minecraft Factions & PvP server. Not exactly an original idea, we know... However, this server was brought to life because me and a friend thought back to the nostalgic times of playing faction servers in the ~2014 era and we wanted to catch some of that simplistic feeling again. We went searching and searching, but never managed to find what we were looking for: A server solely focused on factions combined with the core Minecraft gameplay. No giant spawn with holograms every corner, no flashy pay2win ranks, and no easy ways to get ahead in the game without earning it. With this server we hope to find people who share the same need as us, and if you’ve missed out on the earlier era of faction servers, we hope this server will create some of the same joy it did for us!

If you’re unfamiliar with the faction concept – don’t worry! You can find more information on the server/discord, just be aware of these things: Destroying and stealing others in-game properties is allowed, and so is killing other players. This, at times can be the most frustrating thing, but it can be equally rewarding, and thankfully there’s plenty of ways to prevent it. Either way, these are the rules everyone has accepted when playing, and what makes factions a game of skill is knowing who you can trust to help you progress, and who you can’t.

So come join us and contribute to making your own, as well as others, time on the server a new future nostalgic memory. =)

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