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⌈ 🌺 ⌋ Welcome to the Azalea SMP! ⌈ 🌺 ⌋

The Azalea SMP is a very new SMP with less than 20 active members at once. Our features are of a wide variety. From innovative and up-to-date to more simplistic, we offer tons of things to both our Minecraft server and its' interlocked Discord server.

Minecraft Features:
― *Preferably 18+.
― 1.19.2 & Java Edition.
― Custom IP address for easy connection.
― Small and active community with lovely members.
― **Whitelist VIA a manual + simple verification.
― Innovative features & frequent updates.
― Tons of plugins, including anti-grief + anti-cheat.
― [NEW!] Re-configured plugin settings!

Discord Features:
― Invite options include the Disboard and Invite Link
― Manual & simple verification system to protect against raids & bots.
― A channel for knowing when the MC server is initiating a restart/backup.
― [NEW!] An in-game chat for connecting with friends on the go!
― [NEW!] Pingable roles so @/everyone and @/here are not used as frequently!

― A legitimate account on Minecraft: Java Edition.
― A discord account + Joining our Discord.
― Completion of a verification system.

Side notes:
* Although our server is considered 18+, it is not required to be over 18 to join. You must, however, be over 13 in compliance with Discord ToS so you may verify and become whitelisted on the server.
** Our verification system is done manually to prevent bots from entering with ease. Please have patience when it comes to being verified and whitelisted. Thank you!

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