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Tags: Spigot Survival

RedCraft is a Minecraft survival server professionally hosted in EU. Its a fresh new server with some simple plugins to improve life and to have some fun with. The server is hosted 24/7 with a staff that are in the age group of 20. It has permissions setup for the best player experience for everyone with bonuses for donators. Encryption is on chat, so you can't be reported to Microsoft for saying "bad" words.

Standard commands/plugins like:
- Homes
- Tpa
- Rtp
- Warps
- Spawn
- LandClaims
- Token based Casino
- Permissions

Fun plugins:
- Token Casino
- Auction House
- Jobs
- SilkSpawners [VIP]
- Playtime Rewards

Basic anti-cheats:
- Orebfuscator

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  • 1.19.3 Version
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