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Miner Souls PVP [Alpha 1.1] is a semi-open world survival multiplayer with a map inspired by the game Dark Souls. Adventure areas with custom bosses and enemies to fight, as well as custom enchants! Obtain better loot by discovering the areas of Miner Souls and defeating the bosses! Wilderness area available for players to claim land, mine ore, and raid other player bases! There is now a economy system where $$$ can be made and transferred through the in game shop and auction house! Areas outside the SafeZones are PVP enabled!

Still in development, but now playable!

This is our second test wipe, and this time for 3 weeks instead of one! The date periods are [9/23/22 - 10/14/22] After this time the wilderness and players will be reset for the next patch.

The server is currently very new and in need of test players, which is why I am putting this out there! This map has been about over a year's worth of work and simple testing that we are now at a stage where we would like to see how players react to the game and how we can make it better.

Because this Minecraft server is so new, we now have a Discord server so if you are interested in playing and seeing current and future updates, it is highly encouraged to join so you can also keep track of when the server is online and what changes are being made. Always feel free to ask questions about the game in the discord as well as report any bugs you might find (cause again, this is the first time we are opening it to players outside the couple developers!).

DISCORD JOIN LINK: https://discord.gg/mGy7Cut6nP
SERVER IP: minersoulspvp.serveminecraft.net

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