Spider Smp [Cracked and Crossplay]

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The Spider SMP Minecraft server is a fully fun and interesting place to find friends and have fun by playing Bedwars, Skywars, Hardcore Survival and much more Gamemodes! Get money through the parkours to have better loot in the SurvivalMP and forget about everything that stresses you! The server is customized, so you don't misunderstand anything, with a lobby, level system, economy system and even realistic Movements and Sounds! Join the now for free, even for cracked Minecraft launchers.

Here are some features from the server:
- We got craftable furniture models
- We got falling trees with a smooth animation
- We got ambient sound escapes
- better pvp sounds
- anti cooldown on any version
- Multi Version Support and alot of more features

The SMP - Simple Survival Multiplayer with a hardcore system where you get banned for 15 minutes once you have died.

The Oneblock Server - You spawn on 1 block and once you destroyed it it regenerates another block.

The AcidIsland - You spawn on 1 Island with alot of tools you require to survive.

And we got some minigames with a economy system:
Bedwars - Just like in every other server its a minigame but once you have won you get money in the Server.

Hide and Seek - Using a morph system it makes it possible to morph you into any block.

Skywars - Fight against other players and if you win you will get a lot of money in the server!

Parkours - If you are low on money and you need to gain it by doing some jump, climb and run stuff then you are right here!

We also got a lot of more minigames but we do not want to spoil everything, so JOIN US NOW!

To connect with Java:
IP play.spidersmp.gq or spidersmp.gq:61740

To connect with Bedrock:
IP: spidersmp.gq
port: 61740

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  • 1.17.1 Version
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