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This is the voting page for SatiateSMP, a new aspiring server for Minecraft run by two guys with "reasonable" dreams.

Satiate is a Semi-Anarchy server that is looking to make sure that the game stays a challenge throughout your entire playthrough of the survival experience. Work to gain better gear so that you may enter the Nether and End. Create whatever you want in a world that will not reset. Compete with mobs who become more powerful along with you to keep PvE challenging, or battle other players in an attempt to gain the items and resources they own. Experience a dynamic economy where players source everything, knowing that if its on the shop, a player collected it. Die without stress, knowing that you can easily get your items back using an upgraded death scroll, or even from a chest that spawns at your death location.

On Satiate, how you play is your choice. Do you want to build? Go for it! Do you want to destroy? Have at it! Or do you want to become the richest on the server? You can certainly try.

Join SatiateSMP, where your freedom is our greatest desire.

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