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Welcome to the S.S. Arvia! You have just awoken from cryogenic slumber. The S.S. Arvia is the flagship for the Space Colonization Program launched by the Republic of Draea. The mission of this program is to establish new colonies on unexplored planets in our solar system.

The S.S. Arvia began its journey with 200 active crew members, and over 1,000 cryogenically frozen colonists. The starship was doing a fantastic job, and had already established five colonies on various planets before catastrophe hit. On the seventh year of its mission, the crew of the starship suddenly found themselves surrounded by complete darkness. They called this phenomenon The Void. Crew members began to go missing the farthest depths of the ship, and search parties were formed. Few members of the search parties returned, and the ones who did needed immediate medical attention. They told tales of of terrifying monsters that took pleasure in killing and consuming their friends and families.

By the time a fighting squad had been assembled, it was too late to save most of the ship from the infestation. The Alpha Sector that connects the ship has been sealed, and the crew is extremely small.

The Admiral, in sheer desperation, enacted Operation Failsafe. This program allowed for colonists to be awoken from their cryogenic slumber to become active crew members. Your job as a crew member is to complete quests, assist in research, and protect the endangered Space Colonization Program.

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