Fallen Angle

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Tags: BedWars Cracked Dungeons Skyblock Survival

Fallen Angle is a Minecraft Server made by three developing teams. It is an attempt to make the ultimate server and consists of many popular game modes and minigames including skyblock, survival, bedwars, oneblock and more. Become a member and see first hand how magnificent the Fallen Angle Minecraft server is!

- It is a remake of Hypixel Skyblock by Freepixel Mc Dev Team
- Has most of Hypixel features

- It is a factional survival by Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
- Has crates, pets, auction house, quests, grief prevention and more

- It is a remake of Hypixel Bedwars by Smallpixel Mc Dev Team
- Has solo, duo, triple and squad modes and the best maps

- It is a practice server by Smallpixel Mc Dev Team
- You can practice 10+ Gamemodes

- It is the ultimate OneBlock server by Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
- Its OneBlock but next level with crates, stats, portal, parkour, dp and more

- Newaccount aka Owner of Freepixel
- Nikilyt aka Owner Of Smallpixel
- Mumbo_jumbo aka Owner Of Artic Empire
- Vanshop
- Yougood
- Haruop

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