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404MC a brand new Minecraft server that aims to evolve with the community! As of right now, we’ve created a 250 slot 1.18 Bungeecord server that has PvE, PvP and Minigames! The PvE server has Terralith, Incendium, FokaStudio's End and dozens of other datapacks! Each server as over 20+ plugins, some of which include McMMO, Project Korra, Elitemobs, backpacks, Grappling Hooks, Grief Defender, and many more!

The PvE & PvP servers will be very different from one another. More information is available in spawn for the differences between the two. FYI inventories will be separate but Rank and Balance will be universal!

Currently, we have two minigames (Survival Games & Spleef) with the third being implemented right now! From here on, the community will decide which game is added next via a weekly poll!

This server WILL NOT be a P2W. That said, an enormous amount of time, money, and energy has gone into the development of this project. So we will be kickstarting a patron and donation page in the near future for cosmetics and a variety of other perks for those who wish to contribute.

For more information you can jump in-game and see our billboards or NPC's to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you there.

~ Zeovt

Server Launch Date: 05/14/22
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