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GODSSMPANIS is a Minecraft server that was created solely by Anis#0272 and took over 600 hours to make while boards and preboard exams were going on. Gamemodes currently available are PvP arena, modern survival and bedwars with more to be added in the future. This server hosted in Asia and is online 24/7 with no lag. There is still a ton of stuff to be added to the server and the domain name would be changed if we get a large playerbase. Hop onto the GODSSMPANIS Minecraft server and have a lot of fun!

Server Specs:
- RAM: 38gb
- Disk: 46gb NVMe storage
- CPU: 17 cores
- Uptime:- 100%
- Backup: daily

We hope you enjoy our server and don't forget to join our Discord too!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mjt6P8y7zK

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  • 1.18 Version
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