Salvos SMP

Minecraft Server

Tags: Anarchy PvP Survival Vanilla

Salvos is an unique server. I wanted to create a server with low amounts of rules
but at the same time offer some form of protection for the player so it's not
complete anarchy. Many Minecraft servers fail in this regard, as they over protect
the player by burdening them with limitations and rules or with lack of rules allowing things like hacked clients.

There's very few, if any, servers that allow a sane balance in my eyes.

That is why I'm creating Salvos. It fits this criteria perfectly. Salvos has
very few rules but at the same time protects the player through plugins like claims
and anti-cheat.

It also isn't a hub or a network, it's a passion project, the ideal server I would
like to play on and I hope you find it an ideal server too.

If you want details, please read the information page on the website.

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  • 1.18.1 Version
  • 82.5% Uptime
  • 1 week Last Ping
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