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The CloudCraft Network is a tight-knit community offering you exactly what you need as a content creator, artist, gaming enthusiast and more. Community spirit, friendships and teamwork are key to make our community as awesome as it is.

We have been running Minecraft servers for a year and a half now, this being our second phase as of Minecraft 1.17 up until present day, 1.18.2!


We have an active and strong Discord community where we all come together to talk, share art, play games and hang out. While this is what makes our Discord thrive, it is not required for you to get actively involved in all the discussion going on.


Upon joining, you will be able to hop straight into the action type /rules to showcase a bunch of useful tips and commands to help you get started. Alternatively, you can type /help list every available command, but in a less organized fashion. We run a large amount of plugins to help improve the general gameplay of the server.

- No griefing, stealing, exploiting, cheating or hacking of any kind.
- No harassment of any kind, this includes begging for items.
- No multiple accounts per user. Please use only one account.
- No derogatory terms/phrases at all no matter the context

Is there someone breaking these rules or being generally unpleasant? Please create a support ticket in the Discord or notify a member of staff. Please do not bring it up in a public setting!

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