Hidden Sanctuary SMP (1.18.2)(BRAND NEW)

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Hidden Sanctuary is a brand new 1.18.2 SMP Vanilla+ PvP & PvE server. Currently we are fresh out of the womb. We aim to create a unique server that builds upon vanilla minecraft with content that blends right in. PVP Is enabled everywhere in the wilderness. Inventory items are dropped on death, no exceptions. The wilderness consists of the entire overworld except for LANDS claims, which are earned through playtime on the server. All server details can be found on discord under #server-info and #server-guide

All testers are welcome as the doors have opened on 11/04/2022!

Quick overview of the server details:
◘ Survival Vanilla Minecraft on hard difficulty.
◘ Inventory items are dropped on death, no exceptions.
◘ PVP Enabled everywhere except for claims and 64x64 spawn-protection.
◘ Economy consists of resources/items gathered ingame through player trading.
◘ Money is earned by receiving dropped cash notes through slaying monsters and gathering valuable resources.
◘ Claims cost money to expand and create. There are also taxes and upkeep costs.
◘ Players can combine their LAND to form a nation, which can in turn go at war with eachother.
◘ Being at war with another nation or LAND makes it so you can PVP in each respective zone.
◘ Lands can form nations together, which can in turn declare war with eachother.
◘ No DYNMAP only ingame maps. Players location/tablist will be hidden at all times.
◘ Custom endgame content that is locked behind finding a rare teleport crystal in the END.
◘ Vanilla generator for the overworld, TERRA for the nether/end (and also for custom content once 1.18.2 support is out)

We hope to see you around!
Do not hesitate to join us now @

Discord: discord.gg/vkThP2V

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