Chemical Dynasty!

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Come on our server for MineCraft 1.7.9/ 1.7.10!
We are a new server with helpful staff and Players as well as a few minigames which we are taking suggestions for maps and plugins alike. We currently just got Towny! A new plugin with its own world that is like factions but with more features and different kinds of factions within the world such as evolving from a town to a nation.
We also have Paintball and Infected with a few CoD themed maps such as Black ops 1 Nuketown and Grid. We are taking suggestions for maps as well too!
We have Ultimate SkyBlock where you can survive and do challenges with your friends with up to 8 players on a single island!
Soon we are getting Ultimate SkyGrid too :D
We have two main worlds! Regular survival with pvp off and another world with the plugin Towny with Pvp and Raid/Grief allowed.
We have a few plugins that protect your items like keep inventory and Lockette to safelock your doors and containers
Cursing is allowed but not towards other players or staff and respect and helpfulness goes a long way in our server
We are a lag free server with hosting by and 3 gigabytes or RAM
I hope to see you on the server! :D

Kind regards,
- Chris, James, and Max
Owner, Co-Owner, Head-Admin

[1] No Raiding/Griefing (Exception of Towny Wolrd)
[3] Cursing to an extent Do not aim at other players
[4] Be respectful to ALL Staff and Players
[5] Do NOT Disrespect Staff
[6] Do Not spam chat
[7] Unlocked chests are free game (In all worlds)
[8] Don't ask for OP or Rank
[9] Do not advertize other server IP's = PermaBan
[10] No giving Items from Creative or abusing your ranks
[11] All Staff have permission to Mute/Ban/Jail on offense of these rules
[12] Have Fun! :D


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