The Outhouse

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Tags: Economy Faction PvE PvP Roleplay Survival

A unique experience like no other. Kingdoms and wars combined with MMORPG aspects as well as with Economy, skill trees, custom enchantments, custom items + elite bosses and quests making the game both harder and more rewarding for killing and exploring. These aspects combined with the natural feel of a Minecraft Survival server, leveling up your gear and making your way up the ranks while also engaging in PvP and Kingdom wars! Build your own Kingdom and fight for land and glory overtaking other kingdoms and moving up in the ranks. Kingdoms can be protected by custom turrets, mobs and even a guardian called your "Champion"! Features like accumulating bank interest, dueling, and betting have also been added! The Outhouse is still being developed every day, and we are open to suggestions and even looking for more staff members!

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