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SnakesServ is a truly unique project where there is no donation and no privileges (for real money). That is, we have real equality. Also, we do not have anti-cheat and a bug for cheats. If you lose PvP or your base is found, then this is not a sign that the player is a donator. This is a sign that you have bad skills, cheats or you just don't know how to play. On this server, you can build anywhere and anytime. Since there are no private spots in any form, with the exception of spawn, or more precisely, its 20 blocks. This is done due to the fact that players appear in one place. Move away from him so that you are not found, because you yourself know that this is important.

There are clans on the server, join them to unite with other players, get new connections and be on good terms with the main griefers of the server (I remind you that you can become one yourself) to save your base and get resources. Build projects with other players and bring the server to life with your presence.

There are few disabled "abilities" of vanilla minecraft on the server, such as disabled redstone mechanisms, lava, water, explosions, and so on, of which only bugs and things that load the server are fixed, and this is done for a comfortable game, by the way, in the north there is a very high spawn rate, and the TPS indicator is almost always equal to 20, and this is in the absence of anti-cheat.

1. The server has a small online, few regular players, although on the other hand it has a very close-knit and lamp community, so to speak.
2. There is no anti-cheat on the server. This is his trick, but because of this, PVP is impossible, since players simply fly away with critical health, it can also load the server, because the speed on elytras with cheats can reach 300 blocks per second, which will cause a large load of chunks, and as a result, lags.
Pros. There are much more of them here and they are more significant, otherwise there would be no regular players on the server:
1. Friendly administration, which is almost always online.
2. There is no donation on the server.
3. The server is being improved and updated very often, the project does not stand still and will never stand on it.
4. Own, unique (but this is not accurate) spawn, generated by players and not repeating 2b2t (no obsidian sky, highways, caves with withers, etc., although you can arrange it).
5. A wide variety of game content due to the fact that the server is not vanilla, it has an economic system.
6. The server encourages its players with awards for the best buildings and events, but not all, but only the most active ones. It also doesn't happen often, because it would break the anarchist order.
7. Comfortable game from the technical side. Again: high tps, large chunk loading from the server side, high spawn rate, increased number of possibly manifested mobs per player.

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