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Tales of Chivalry is a small but active new RPG server that was created to reinvoke the nastolgia of classic RPG Faction servers but structured in the Towny (Nations) plugin. We build our gameplay around competiveness and collaboration, with PVP being a secondary, but essential feature (as compared to Factions, where it's often the focus of the server). We use Jobs, McMMO, and Towny to fund the majority of our economy, as well as a free-to-play rank system that will keep you busy financially for quite some time. Using SeigeWar, we keep the opportunity for PVP open, but not rampant or essential to a fufilling experience

The Overworld and Nether are generated using the Terralith plugin, and RealisticSeasons adds to the beautiful seasons and a new element to suriving: winter. In addition to the infamous Vampire and Werewolves plugins, we are implementing our own custom races, as well as integrating them with plugins like the aformentioned Realistic Seasons to make different races more powerful throughout the in-game year.

We have a heavy emphasis on roleplaying and building lore for you Towns, Nations, and characters, and will be opening a forum in the near future. If you're interested, come check us out and stay for awhile!

Server IP: SonsOfChivalry.serverminer.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/fvVznxbuJY

Dynmaps: http://sonsofchivalry.serverminer.com:18851/

Notable Plugins:

Terralith: Custom Overworld and Nether generation to keep the world interesting and dynamic, with new biomes and better Vanilla generation.

Realistic Seasons: A plugin we love that really makes the world feel alive. Custom spawn rates, block textures, and temperatures throughout the in-game year makes survival more interesting and difficult, forcing players to decide whether to hoard materials or work together.

McMMO: The classic Minecraft RPG experience, lets you level and improve various skills, including mining, alchemy, and more.

Jobs and Rankups: Allows players to pick up to three jobs at one time, providing income for soloists and towns alike! Rankups allows players in a free-to-play setting gain access to more commands and features!

Towny / Nations: Create your town, join or grow into a nation, build your members and economy however you can imagine!

Towny Chat and Pigeons: Enhances the Towny and the RPG experience, providing a local chat, while Pigeons allows you to send declarations of war to your enemies! ;D

Seige War and Cannons: Enhances Towny to include a dynamic but fair PVP experience. Offline-raiding is disabled, allowing attacks to only happen when a Town is online, and Cannons can be used as sentries to protect your land.

World Guard and Lockette: Besides the protections Towny provides, World Guard is used to help maintain land from being griefed, and Lockette lets players protect individual blocks and containers.

Vampires / Werewolves (and Custom Races!): In our humble opinion, the Vampire and Werewolves plugin duo was essential to capture the old Minecraft RPG feel. We are currently working on our own custom races plugin, integrating our different races into Realistic Seasons to help shape our PVP meta

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