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Aren’t you bored of the same, old boring vanilla servers? Well, look no further, because here you can discover our unique game modes and super fun features so you can never get bored!(literally!) Greediness? What’s that! More than 100%! of our revenue will go back to improving the server and making this community a better place! Our promise is quality and we shall never break that.

- We currently offer an almost complete survival game mode with countless, cool features, some of them including:
- A beautiful spawn with multiple custom made islands
- 100+ Balanced quests so you never get bored!
- Custom achievements replacing the old, boring minecraft achievements!
- 500+ Unique Enchantments!
- 4+ Animated crates with 100+ rewards!
- Donator Ranks with super cool perks if you choose to support the server!
- Jobs!
- A custom mining world including new mobs, items and craftables!
- A custom Dungeons system introducing new mobs, bosses, mechanics, items and craftables!
- A complete Skill tree with unlockable abilities and rewards!
- PETS! Because who wouldn’t like to own their own little wither?
- A custom farming island!
- Custom crafting recipes and items!

We hope to, in the near future, release our server as a complete network with multiple complete projects including: factions, prisons, skyblock, one block, mini games, and more..! If you are interested in the idea, would like to listen to more of it, or just interested in supporting the project add me on discord and I’ll make sure to hit you up whenever something happens!

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