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Based in the United States, Ignis is a hard difficulty, 1.18 Towny-Survival server that we hope can become a new home for the members of its community. Our staff team has over 5 years of combined experience in moderating and managing a server, and many more combined years in playing the game.

Originally, Ignis was a passion project of mine - a Towny setup as I would love to see one day - and eventually I was given the opportunity to bring over much of my work to a server owned by a good friend of mine. It was a great experience when the times were good, but eventually the server had to shut down. Now, I’ve spent the last while breathing fresh life into my old work, and my staff team and I are finally ready to open up this, the fully-realized Ignis, to the Towny playerbase that I’ve been a part of almost as long as I’ve been playing Minecraft!

Right now, I have no idea how big I envision Ignis growing - I myself have played on servers of all sizes, and all I truly hope for is to cultivate a dedicated community that cares for the server and each other.

Core Plugins:

We have over 80 plugins - here are some of our favorites!

Towny - Create protected claims of land called towns, each with its own systems of resident permissions, toggle-able protections, and customizations to make your town truly your own!

mcMMO - An RPG-like skill system in which you build up skills by playing the game like you would normally! Raising your skill levels grants you access to special abilities and passive effects, like double drops and extra treasures!

Jobs Reborn - Ignis, like most Towny servers, runs on an economy! You can earn money to support your town by picking a job from a simple GUI, and performing actions in that job. We have a multitude of jobs, from Lumberjacks to Alchemists - there’s something for everyone!

EcoEnchants - Custom enchantments, added right into the vanilla Enchanting Table!

Talismans - Craftable relics that grant passive bonuses while in your inventory, from damage buffs to extra experience!

LWC - Private protections for chests, doors, and more - all command-based and great for protecting your personal belongings on top of Towny!

ArtMap - Design Map art by painting directly on to a canvas! A plethora of colors are available to use, and there are even tools to make some actions a little easier and less repetitive and mind-numbing! No more need for huge, time-consuming Map art builds!

Other Main Features:

A 20,000-block radius Large Biomes world, entirely pre-generated using Chunky.

A special “player menu,” a GUI made with BossShopPro, which provides players with a convenient hub of the features they’ll be using most often in their time on Ignis!

A custom “perks” menu, also created using the amazing plugin, BossShopPro. Perks can be bought with in-game money, earned primarily from jobs! These perks give permissions to use a lot of commands and useful features, such as /condense, /echest, and more!

No P2W! Ignis is a server that will always strive to abide by Minecraft’s EULA. To be transparent, right now we have no need or plans for a server store - I am capable of funding the server’s hosting and plugin-related needs for the foreseeable future on my own. However, should we eventually open an online store, it will only contain packages that adhere to the EULA. I am and always will be against P2W.

Thank you so much for reading - I sincerely hope that Ignis can be what you’re looking for in your next Towny-Survival server.

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