Welcome to EasyCraft. EasyCraft is a very friendly Towny and economy server. Our Towny is set up with a cheap start price for any new user to start their own town right off the start. Along with Towny protections we use the lockette plugin to protect all chests signs and furnaces. With this all your items will be protected from even your town owner and server Moderators. The economy side of our server is a very well tested system. As you come on the server you will notice it is harder than most servers to make money. This prevents one player from getting too rich. Our Admin Shop overprices everything causeing an increased amount of player trade threw chestshop and upcoming auction plugin. The main money making system on this server is the plugin Jobs which allows you to earn money through certain skills. For example, mining. Along with these two aspects to the server we also have a fun role playing side. We use the plugin Mcmmo to increase skills for benefits. We also run MyPet which is a new plugin that allows you to train a pet to fight battle or to just ride around on! Coming soon: Spleef, Auto Rank, Auction, and other fun minigames. We also ALWAYS have staff spots open on the server so come on and PLAY!

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  • 1.7.10 Version
  • 25.3% Uptime
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