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The State SMP is a new and small Minecraft community, with about 100 members. The owner is Comrade_HellFire, and the Co-Owner is GODDESSWHITEAK. We're also looking for experienced staff members!
🟔 An active community
🟔 Multiple Plugins, intended to enhance the players experience
🟔 Fun discord bots
🟔 Clans
🟔 Politics
⦿ LORE ⦿
The State is set at 400-1600 AD. The Aseyratian Empire (This worlds form of the Roman Empire) has Collapsed into many smaller states. A period of Chaos has begun due to this, named the Age of Conquest. This gave rise to The Imperial State (Hence the groups name), though not nearly as powerful as the Aseyratian Empire, This nation controlled large amounts of lands. They are currently rebuilding the Capital of The State, Etrius after its sack and destruction 13 years prior, under its name "New Etrius" though more recently referred to as "The Core".
Dark days have come, the Imperial State has fragmented. After a long time of peace, internal instability has made the Imperial Regime of The State collapse in on itself. Upon this, new states have split and united. The Loricans, Etriusans, and Corinthiani have united in the Confederacy of New Aseyratios, and a new nation has risen above the others. the Immortal Empire

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