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Tags: Survival

You are looking at a very chill server that is open to any kind of player, we don't have unnecessary restrictions, you are free to do as you wish. Come get your coffee and enjoy your experience!

Some of our features include:
- Custom chest loot in structures
- 11 set homes
-Increased enchantment level on certain enchants.
-Custom Images
-Single Player Sleep
[We are open to plugin suggestions]

Custom Chest Loot Features:
Dungeons: Added a larger variety of items, increased overall loot and value.
Abandoned Mineshaft: Added lighting blocks of all types and increased loot.
End_Cities: Added Mob spawn eggs of all types:
Woodland Mansion: Over 800% percent increase in enchanted golden apples, added all music discs. added all wood logs.
Shipwrecks: increased diamonds, gold, emeralds; added enchanted golden apples and gunpowder.
Ruined: Portals: Added ocean blocks to underwater ruined portals, added tnt and a higher chance of getting enchanted golden apples for regular ruined portals

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