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Looking for some Survival?
We may have the solution for you! We love PVE and therefore we created KraftDurchMine: Explore endless worlds containing dungeons, battle-towers and a world without any restrictions - there are 3 worlds which can be entered via the /warp command.

There are special custom mobs, custom maps and interesting plugins for the ultimate PVE experience and many different secret dungeons where you can explore endless worlds with never ending action!
Random loot will keep you alive, but be warned, there is always a dungeon or cave where more of the creepiest creatures may be waiting for you. You can laso find some special battle-towers where you can defeat different monsters (also Boss-Fights) but some rich loot, too.

DonĀ“t be afraid it will be too hard for you! All mobs are fluently adapted to new players, so there is an easy way to start exploring the game - There is plenty of loot and weapons that can be found at any time in caves and other random buildings - just go on the journey and dive into currently three different maps that have a lot to offer.

We want to keep the gameplay interesting and that's why there are over 60 different monsters in over 120 variations. You may encounter ancient guardians or dead zombie miners while exploring caves, or you may have to keep an eye out for overpowered creepers or ghasts while mining in the depths - remember: the deeper, the more dangerous it may become!

Team up with other survivalists or fight alone but rather find some safe places to build your empire. Meteorites may also fall, containing some very rare weapons, but be alerted when guards appear!

Of course you can also look for quieter environments, such as on our main world, here the mobs are less powerfull and also there are no special dungeons or random buildings than in the other worlds.

You can discover over 50 different Biomes, each is presenting its very own structures, villages, dungeons, mobs and many more! There are enough possibilities for every individual player, without getting disturbed of other players.

Take a look on our website - there are all infos and also commands reffering different plugins so you will not get lost that easy!

Stay tuned and join:

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