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Stormspire is a brand new server that blends PvE and PvP. Players can fight and cooperate as they wish. We are not, however, anarchic. We have GriefPrevention with PvP on, and raiding is allowed. We want people to build nice - but clever - things.


~Bloodnights: Depending on the phase of the moon, there's a chance for a night to be a blood night where harder mobs spawn.
~Brewery: Create adult (and some non-adult) beverages using barrels, distilling in brewing stands, and boiling in cauldrons.
~Jobs Reborn: Earn money doing tasks and quests.
~GriefPrevention: We've limited the scope of what this protects and we have enabled sieges. We want people to build beautiful, clever builds while engaging in PVP without the ugly TNT/Cobble/Lava messes.
~GoldenCrates: With Daily and Event crates.

Planned developments: A plugin or Datapack that enables the crafting of (Chicken) spawners (with much difficulty) that can be changed with mob eggs (The variety and amount of which will be limited.)


~No spamming, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or ableism in either the discord or minecraft. Don't use directed cussing either.
~English only.
~If you ask and don't receive - say an item or partnership - from another player, know how to accept a 'no.' Saying please 10 times and acting upset doesn't turn a no into a yes - but might result in a mute or ban.
~Hacking is not allowed

Admins: RetroGalactic (This posts OP), Blacksmith_Nate, PurpleDragon312

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