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Server Objective
The objective of this server is to go out into the world and create a base! Once you have done that you might want to create a farm. Because with farming you can sell the items you get from farming to our shops and gain money that money is then used to buy armor weapons and enchantments! You can also go mining mine ores and diamonds and also sell them to the shops. Then become the pvp king of the server!

We are currently looking for staff as the server is fairly new we currently have two owners one helper one admin and one headmod so if you are interested and think you are right for the job fill out an application

On ShadowKingdom we have a few simple rules we would like for you to follow:
[1] Do not threaten to DDoS players or the server.
[2] Do not hack or use hacked clients and no xray texturepacks.
[3] Do not say racist remarks or comments to other players or in general.
[4] No Advertising.
[5] Don't spam the chat.
[6] Duping or using duped items will result in a ban.
[7] Do not disrespect staff members as they are here to help if there is any staff abuse report it on the forums
[8] No exploiting bugs if you find a bug report it to a staff member privately.

Easy Soup - Heals 3.5 hearts when you drink soup perfect for pvp
Factions - Create a faction with your friends and play together as well as fight together
World Border - Our Current world border on the server is 12,000
FloAuction - Tired of getting scammed? Well with floauction you auction your items off
CombatTag - People won't be logging out in pvp with this plugin
Votifier - Vote daily for the server to gain $250 and if you get lucky a little something extra

The server has 10GB of RAM dedicated to it and I don't plan on having this server go down anytime soon even with this new EULA rule I will keep this server running as long as I can for you guys!

Server Info
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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.7.10 Version
  • 25.4% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
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