Feudal Fables RPG Towny Heroes Roleplay

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Enter the realm of Ainoh...

Here, players begin their journey in one of three nations, working within a town to scale the class tree and elevate their status in the realm. Players start as a peasant and have the ability to work their way up a unique class tree which limits their armor and weapons, but also grants powerful specialized skills. Warriors, Rogues, Healers, Mages, and Rangers- find your meta and conquer our growing number of custom mobs and bosses. Once players are strong enough, they can band together to raid other towns for spoils. Be careful making enemies though, as all towns are PVP and you are never safe from raiders.

This server is mainly survival based, most players will spend their time roleplaying in their town as they grow their team and develop their town. We have chest shops for players to establish shops in towns, as well as a global auction house which can be accessed via merchants at certain locations. For PVE and eco focused players, there is an alternate class tree available giving the player great utilities and advantages.

Welcome to Feudal Fables! We cant wait to expand this story with you!

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