Relictus Cycle

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Tags: Adventure Dungeons Economy Parkour PvE PvP Roleplay Survival

Relictus Cycle is a wasteland RPG server set in the future of mankind. We offer gameplay features such as loot drops, dungeons, custom maps, brand-new weapons ranging from wands to guns, armor abilities, land claims, player-driven economy, community events, custom mobs, new crafting recipes, and more!

Our adventure/wilderness map provides a wide area for players to explore and build to their hearts' content. Players may use our claim plugin to stake their land and prevent unwanted players from building on their land or they may siege other player's claims for their loot.

Telling a complex story is our main drive on this server. The lore is a mix of both our own stories and the theories we have read on Minecraft’s background story, allowing us to create a complex story that blends into the environment. We use lore books, community events, and seasonal content to tell these stories. Further changing the environment and how the player perceives it.

Around every quarter of the server, we host seasonal content with an engaging story that offers new gameplay, new mobs, new loot, and community events that progress the season's story. Changing the environment to tell new stories while also reflecting on previously told stories. Each season event has an event crate that offers loot that will disappear after the event has ended. The event crate is entirely free and is earned through participating in the event, the crate requires an event key and event keys can be held for the next event crate.

Our custom maps host the server on a never-before-seen landscape offering places to explore like dungeons or smaller dungeons: Lairs. Dungeons are difficult areas where they test player skill and ingenuity through parkour, puzzles, difficult mobs, and bosses. Lairs are smaller versions of dungeons to prepare players for dungeons. Both offer good loot; however, dungeons offer items with dungeon-specific perks and have higher drop rates.


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