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Atlantis MC - A Brand New Pixelmon 8.3.6 Server!

English Speaking - Mod Pack: Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2

Are you looking to become the best pokemon trainer around? Are you looking at starting on a fresh server with friendly staff, an amazing player base and more room than you know what to do with? Well, Look no more! Join MC Atlantis, a brand new Pixelmon reforged server, complete with a beautiful underwater themed spawn, fully functioninal battle tower, EV Training, Pokestops and much more!

We also boast that we have multiple of the top 50 Pokemon Showdown players in the North American region who hold and participate in weekly/bi weekly tournaments that we call All Stars! If you want to try your team against some of the best Showdown players in the world, AtlantisMC is the place to do so!

Keep your eye out for our exclusive in game add-ons and reward system like our Battlepass, Custom texture skins, Prize money rewards and Give aways!!!! Including Our Custom Competitive NPC GYMS and Our exclusive Dynamax GYM . Are you good enough to take them down!!!

We have a fully functioning Competitively priced (real life currency) shop to purchase items to assist on your journey, ranks and tokens.

We have a highly active rank 3 discord server.

We also have these additional fun and existing items to check out!

- Player Voting
- Token Shop
- Player Casino (Coming next patch)
- Ingame Shop to purchase various items as required throughout your Journey!
- Pokedex Rewards
- Weekly staff held events!
- Wondertrade
- Poke Stops
- Vault Storage System (Coming next patch)
- Raid bosses
- Safari
- Daycare
- Poke Top
- Battle Tower
- Poke Builder
- Disguises
- Trivia
- Dynamax Gym
- Weekly Staff Ran Events

And Most Importantly, the best community around!

You're Adventure Awaits, on Atlantis MC!

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  • 1.12.2 Version
  • 40.1% Uptime
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