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We are a new server still under development. We have a small dedicated player base and helpful staff. We are adding new things almost every day! Sometimes its new quests in Survival, sometimes its Elytra courses in Minigames. We are trying to make a server where there's always something different and fun to do!


We have many custom biomes! Just hop off the spawn balloons with your Elytra and explore the quests within the region, or fly out 1000 blocks or more and claim your own land. We have jobs so you can earn money and a GUI buy/sell shop accessible anywhere with /shop. We have vote crates so you have a chance to earn some really cool items!

You can get vote crate keys in Survival, Skyblock, and Factions.

We have 9 unique Starter Islands to choose from! Donators get access to even more Starter Islands + Kits. We have ore generation with generous amounts of every ore! We also have a full GUI shop with /shop.

Currently we have 75x75 Creative Plots (for Members), Skywars (Pizza Map), Elytra Obstacle Course, Elytra Ice Cave Rocket Race, and an ElytraPvP Island game. Only 5 Minigames now but we plan to have up to 20!

OP Factions:
Minecraft 1.8+ This is the server we have dedicated to PvP, OP Factions, Explosions, and every kind of mayhem that wouldn't clash well in the other servers. We have a starter kit with diamond tools and armor and a PvP Arena at /warp pvp.

Our discord: discord.gg/wKBm8t6

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