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- CarrotCraft -
$1 Each!

Welcome to CarrotCraft! We are a factions / raiding PVP server with an emphasis on carrots. Our entire economy and ranks system revolves around carrots.

How does it work?
Harvest fully grown carrot blocks to gain carrot score. 1 broken carrot block = 1 carrot score. At certain carrot scores you will automatically advance carrot rank and gain the associated rewards that come with it!

1 carrot sells for $1. Buy an extensive variety of items and blocks from our shop, but you can only sell carrots to get money!

Build the biggest farm you can, harvest it, then harvest it again! Do you have what it takes to become one of the top 3 carrot crafters?

Track yours and others carrot stats with our custom carrot plugin! /carrots

mcMMO double carrot drops are DISABLED, all other mcMMO features are enabled.

Nether and End are enabled!

Overworld and Nether have a world border radius of 10,000 blocks. The End has a border radius of 20,000 blocks!

Factions, PVP, and raiding are all allowed and encouraged. Protect your farm!

Redstone enabled

Villager eggs for sale, auto farms allowed!

NO donator ranks currently exist! Gain extra commands & permissions by harvesting carrots!


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