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Join us for a “hard+” version of Minecraft, faithful to the original intent to have a challenging survival game, built around the ideals of exploration, mining, teamwork, and being chased by a flock of creepers.

Our features supplement the original feel of Minecraft beta, keeping in step with the difficulty, while adding enhancements to modernize the game and prevent griefing.

* Premium high quality hosting, designed around the needs of Minecraft, with performance and security in mind
* Mobs have special powers and abilities to add a unique challenge for pro players
* Automation is severely limited making this server not quite as suitable for engineer types, but preserves the difficulty for survival-minded players
* Unique post-based teleportation allows people to meet up, but teleporting from anywhere is not allowed, maintaining vanilla difficulty
* Only seasoned and experienced staff run our server, with plugins to automate the vast majority of incidents
* Robust claiming system available right as you join, preventing grievers from touching your creations
* The new player starting region rotates automatically, meaning you always have resources when you join
* Certain mobs drop scarce resources helping to preventing resource starvation (ghasts drop 20 glowstone, ender dragons drop elytras)
* Our trees fall down when they are chopped, not floating in the sky and staying there
* Optionally, the inventory and chests auto-sort themselves, keeping your inventory organized
* Donor benefits have zero pay-to-win perks, and instead encourage more gameplay (benefits include more claim blocks, a gold name, and more item sorting)
* To learn more, join the server and see for yourself

See /help upon join for more specific information about these tweaks!

Discord Server:

Our world is large, and has open building space everywhere. The community is friendly and diverse. Players are mature and respectful.

Hop on today and mine with us! :)

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