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Welcome to LunaEclipseSMP!
IP Address:
Server Version: Java 1.16.5

You can apply for LunaEclipseSMP on our discord!

"What is LunaEclipseSMP?"

LunaEclipse is a semi-vanilla server with a fun, creative community. We have some small additions to the server that keeps the familiar vanilla minecraft survival experience with some small tweaks and changes to improve your gameplay. We do not use cheats like claims or teleportation (with exceptions like /spawn and /home). We have plugins that help protect and reserve the player and their experience on the server. Anyone who dares to break the rules surely will be sorry... :) We hope to attract all types of people, creative minds, builders, redstone mechanics, achievement seekers, ect.

"Whatchu got?"

LunaEclipseSMP has a bunch of features that keep the authentic vanilla experience, with a few added tweaks!

  A wonderful community of dedicated players
    They are seriously amazing.

  /home command
    /sethome and /delhome

  /spawn command
    Warp to the spawn building and shopping district.
  /back command
    Teleport to the last place you were at.

  Multiplayer sleep
    30% of online players sleep to skip the night.

  Playtime tracker
    Check your playtime with /pt
    Check the leaderboard with /toppt

  World protection tools
    Staff possess world rollback and inventory rollback.

  Armor Statues
    Name a written book 'Statues' to use Armor Statues

  Custom Nether Portals
    Nether portals can be any shape and made of crying obsidian

  Double Shulker Shells
    Shulkers drop two shells instead of a chance of one

  Enderman Anti-grief
    Endermen are unable to pick up blocks

  Mini Block Heads
    Trade with wandering villagers to get Mini Block heads

  Mob Heads
    Mobs heads will randomly drop from mobs

  Player Heads
    Players heads will drop when killed by another player

  Coral Blocks/Fans/Plants Conversion
    Convert between all coral varieties, dead or alive, via crafting

  Crossbow to Dispenser
    Craft dispensers with crossbows

  Dropper to Dispenser
    Arrange bow recipe around dropper to craft dispensers

  Universal Dyeing
    Re-dye any dyed blocks

  Unpackable Ice
    Unpack blue ice or packed ice into nine of the previous type

"What's your past?"

Reid999 had previously been a moderator on a few servers in the past. Finally after a lot of consideration, he decided it was his turn to start up a server and that's when he came up with LunaEclipseSMP.

"What's happening now?"

The server was just started in July, 2021. It's going smoothly so far. We can't wait to see where it goes and how is changes and evolves over time!

Thanks for taking the time to read, hope to see you online!

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