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Tags: Economy Mcmmo Survival

MythicalSMP is a survival Minecraft server with the primary goal in mind being players having fun with their friends in a revamped Minecraft survival experience! Our server includes various additions and quality of life implementations that enhance and optimize the otherwise rather vanilla experience of Minecraft Multiplayer. With features like magic, shops, chestlink, better farming, reimagined boss fights, custom enchants, and a tightly-knit discord community, MythicSMP is the best place to experience a new way to play survival Minecraft multiplayer.

If you're confused, or have questions on how to use a certain command or plugin, visit our discord for a link to a full guide to MythicSMP!
[‚Äčentire guide also on our website]


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  • 1.17 Version
  • 98.3% Uptime
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