Races of Alberon - TRUE MMORPG - BETA 0.

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The official trailer has just been released:


CHECK OUT THIS IMGUR FOR INFO:https://imgur.com/a/1CelSHv

Welcome to Alberon!

Races of Alberon has been intensively a project of ours for close to two years now. Weve put all of our creativity, time and spare money into this massive project. The entire server idea is completely custom from the bottom to the top trying to fill in the gap of lacking MMORPG PVP servers with true persistence while keeping proper player interaction and PVP.

Now lets look at a small part of the lore

The war has ended. The alliance of Dwarves, Elves and Men pushed back the hordes of evil back into the very edges of Alberon. Time passed and there was no longer a need for the so called alliance, soon after decades of peace the races of Men, Elves and Dwarves started to once again quarrel among themselves. The noble elves deep inside the thick never-ending forests looked down upon anyone mortal, not of their kind. The greedy dwarves which cared for nothing more than the treasures Alberon had to offer. And lastly the ever-so mortal Men, wanting to conquer whatever was left of the land for themselves. As these three races fought between themselves the evil slowly crept back into Alberon the trolls came down from the mountains, goblins took control of large parts of the forests and orcs, uncontested, created encampments in the plain site around the world.

What does Alberon offer?

Unique Ranking System

-Every single player will be able to create hundreds of combinations of different ranks with different benefits Are you a Lord wishing to become a King? You will be most definitely wealthier than the Ranger whom aspires to become one too, but will you be as skilled with the bow or will you solely rely on your bodyguards?.

DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/mVBfHZgsmY

Update before release. We are adding traps into the game which will add an important PVP mechanic.

Models picture attached.

1. Spikes Barricade: Slows down enemy movement and damages them in intervals.

2. Bear trap: Traps an enemy for a short period of time disabling their movement and slowing them down.

3. Shrine traps: Shrine traps act almost like turrets shooting different magical spells at enemies close.

All of these traps will disappear after a period of time and are unpickable. Once placed there is no more going back.

Furthermore orb harvesting and crafting of different staff tiers has been added into the game.

Working on next as a bonus update presumably shortly after release: Instruments - to be more specific war horns.

Plugins installed on server: CUSTOM RPG, RPG

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