Welcome to Magistrate.

We allow cracked, premium and bedrock players.

Servers Magistrate has:
- Survival
- More Coming Soon

More about these servers
- Survival:
Our Survival server is your regular survival, with a few extra quality of life additions. Explore the lands, and meet others, while establishing your own claimed area, growing in strength and items, and trading on the Auction House with other players.

- Rpg:
Our RPG survival is your normal survival, with a new twist. You can live and play in a normal survival world just like normal. However, you can also explore around our RPG hub and travel far to different dungeons to conquer difficult bosses alone, or with friends.

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  • 17/80 Players
  • 1.16 Version
  • 99.6% Uptime
  • 29 minutes Last Ping
  • 347 Votes

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