Bards Tavern


Welcome to Bard’s Tavern!

We are a small SMP server with a pre-established community currently looking for new players! Bard’s Tavern tries to capture the feel of the old school community MC servers, while sprinkling in more modern features. Best of all, everything is free to enjoy!

- Ranking system tied to playtime and exploration
- 150+ new enchants to discover
- Friendly community happy to welcome new faces
- Respawning Dragons with customized loot
- Custom generated Resource World to explore
- Special elytra textures to add flair to your flight
- And much more!

Come on down and see what the Tavern has to offer!

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IP Address

US Servers

  • 1/50 Players
  • 1.16.5 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 2 days Last Ping
  • 3 Votes

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