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Greetings bold adventurer!

We’re glad to see you made it to ScavengeCraft’s information topic! We are a brand new, vanilla oriented survival server and are thrilled to welcome you to our community. In the upcoming time it will be our goal to forge a Minecraft gaming environment in such a way we can get players to enjoy the full deal of the vanilla survival gameplay.

We want to give our players what they came for. Therefore, our server does not run any unnecessary plugins nor other features that would ruin the true vanilla survival purpose. It will be however possible to team up with your friends in ‘guilds’. You won’t be able to claim or protect lands, but you can start creating an image of your guild as the most fearsome, rich or cunning guild in the world.

The paid ranks we offer are well thought-out as well to ensure they aren’t overpowered and every player will be able to enjoy the game in their own way. We want to make clear it is not necessary at all to buy a rank; it is merely an option to those players who want that little extra advantage and want to keep ScavengeCraft alive and kicking.

Players will also be able to buy the items they need in a shop. This one contains only a limited set of items and prices are well thought out to make sure it is a lot cheaper to go find your own necessities in the world itself.

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