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You will stumble upon towns in your adventures around this world. During the early days of the server these towns will be small and fragile providing very little benefit and few quests.

The Player can invest Money/Resources & Time into dynamically upgrading the Architecture/Functionality and quests of the towns they engage with, this will the leave the town in a better position for the next player that may stumble past. You can also revisit these villages to gain from the benefits & daily quests they provide. Custom Items - Unique Stats Per Item Unique item drops and quest rewards.

Enjoy full loot tables with tiered legendarily and completely unique items. A gem system too.Custom drop tables from bosses and custom dungeons and encounters.You will encounter many NPC towns & villages you can choose to help or raid on your adventures.

Civilizations - Settle Down

Start Your own civilizations with government types and even elections!Custom buildings such as quarries that will auto mine for you! (What about the economy and inflation you say? Pffft thats a breeze with our dynamic economy that fluctuates prices based on Supply & Demand!!)

We know this all sounds great and their is so much more!

Note, this server is still a Work in Progress. New features will continue to be added and the current state of the server could change at any time.

We are committed to providing you with 24/7 uptime.

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