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LunityMC is a friendly Pixelmon community that provides a modern and authentic Pokémon world to explore and begin your adventure as a Pokémon master. Your destiny is in your hands….
The easiest way to get started is by installing our Technic Pack here:
Server IP:
- Friendly Community
- Lunar Texture Pokémon [Unique Forms with different textures/sprites]
- Naturally-spawning Shiny and Boss Pokémon
- A multitude of shiny and normal starters
- Level Up Tower Training Zone
- Giant Pokemon Boss Raids [Solo and Team-based battles]
- Defeat Gym Leaders to get exclusive badges and rewards
- Type based Gym Leaders [NPCs Leaders/Bosses]
- Trivia [Answer Pokémon related questions for amazing rewards]
- Galarian area with boosted boss spawn rates and exclusive privileges!
- Pokédex Rewards
- Purchasable in-game Ranks, Cosmetics and Currency
- Sell Pokemon & Items to other players on a GTS system
- Buy Pokémon modifications with in-game Lunarites!
-║GTS║Trivia║Ultra Space║
- Pokécenter and Pokémart with accessible PCs, Healers, Fossil machines and NPCs to assist you in your journey
- All Ride Pokémon Enabled [no Lunarite based alterations required]
- Shrines for the Legendary Birds and Space-Time trio.
- Boosted EV Training Arenas
- Customisable naming effects for your Pokémon & Boosters
- Keep Inventory║Claimed areas║PvP is turned off
- Galarian Orbs to change the form of the birds into their galarian counter-parts.

LunityMC offers all of these features and more!
Begin your adventure now with the IP:

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  • 7/1,000 Players
  • 1.12.2 Version
  • 99.7% Uptime
  • 54 minutes Last Ping
  • 309 Votes

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