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Sweet RPG Towny

After 2 years of thinking, learning, and resetting, we bring you a server with endless fun and remarkable features that combines the typical Towny server with the RPG server. Our spawn was built by a builder with years of detail training, and our staff was hand-picked from the best of the best. Welcome a place full of amazing players and..dank memes.

This server has a great community with friendly staff. We allow cursing to a minimum, and we have daily events. Join us for a great time! Everyone knows everyone, and you can be a part of this growing server!


✅ Custom Bosses/Mobs
Over 8 new mobs and bosses for you to hack and slash! These mobs drop crafting items or rare weaponry for your adventure.

✅ Events and Item hunts!
We hold weekly events that consist of PvP tournaments and Towny Wars! There are also Treasure chests for players to race for!

✅ PvP and PvE (BattleLevels)
Mob Leveling and Player Leveling system with an upcoming, unique PvP arena system called "Battle Tower"

✅ Custom Items and Effects
Custom enchantments and an item tier system for all you item hunters out there.

✅ Treasure-Pets
Use pet shards that you can trade in for beneficial pets that you place in your inventory! There are three rarities: Common, Special, and Legendary

✅ Smoking
Smoking provides players with beneficial effects ; Custom recipes and shop included!

✅ Player-ran economy! (Powered by Jobs)
With our balanced economy and player-ran shops, the immersion into the wonderful world of SweetRPG deepens. With six jobs to choose from and three you can pick, you'll have plenty of ways to make money!

✅ Land Protection/AntiGrief
Golden Shovel // Towny Grief Prevention to ensure the ultimate anti-grief system!

✅ Custom Structures that spawn!
Japanese houses, altars, and castles that spawn around the world that contain loot!

✅ Brewery
20+ different brews, each with their own unique recipes, effects, and alcohol level.

✅ And SO much more to come!

Upcoming (Based on popularity and donations)

- Mastery Items
- Battle Tower
- Arcade Island

What makes us unique?

Our community is composed of fun, playful, and funny individuals. Whether you're seven or thirty, we will always welcome you. We all have our own stories, or goals, and our preferences, and no discrimination will allowed, ever, on this magical server.

Custom Plugins, Unique Gameplay
We NEVER use the money gained from the server to benefit ourselves. We always, and will always use it somehow to support the server and the community. So far, we have had the Minions and Mastery Items plugins made for us, giving you guys more things to learn and tinker with. We're not just any Towny server- you'll find uniqueness your first time on.

Server Website: Coming Soon!
Server Donation Website: sweetrpg.buycraft.net
Server's World Map (dynmap): map.sweetrpg.xyz
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/yaj4JH8

NOTICE: If you are having trouble connecting, connect to our direct IP:

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