Rebirth of Anarchy


Please message me ClientServer for any questions concerns or complaints.

If you are a player and would like to submit images of your own work, bases or creations on the server please contact clientserver on the server to better our public page.

The link to the World Downloader Plugin that I personally use is here:

You may use a "hacked" client, modded client, modified client or vanilla client which does not have any sort of "force op" or modification that gains extra privilege. Flight is not enabled. You may use plugins that download parts of the world but do not attempt to download the world while flying. Do not create a massive amount of lag on purpose or on accident. You will have no access to /fly or any creative command and mode. If it is noticed that you have privileges that I have not given you and you do not notify me asap you will have the privileges removed and you will be IP and client banned.If you are to attempt at crashing the server or you admit to attempting in the past present or future you will be banned. If you are caught attempting to crash the server you will be banned. You may not try to hack, penetrate test, DDOS, DOS, or do anything malicious to the server. If this happens you will be reported to the appropriate authorities. WARNING please do not excessively spam because this may result is a DDOS or DOS attack to the server. If issues come about I will add plugins and I will restrict access to commands and install necessary protection in order to keep the server healthy. I would request that no one bullies nor teases anyone. You may raid, grief, fight, have a war, record and more as long as you keep it healthy and do not cause mental or direct/indirect physical harm to others. Please do not complain about worthless accusations. Please do not lie to the server owner in order to get someone banned we will find out you are lying. Do not bring real life issues or problems into the server. Keep what happens out of the server out of the server. If you have an issue with a player avoid them. They cannot be banned because you dislike their beliefs, religion, physical features, language. Also you may not impersonate or attempt to login as another player. If you are to break any rules listen or not follow what is listed here the owner has the right to ban, IP ban, kick, kill or whatever is desired to your online player.
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