Mining Lords

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This is the best factions server you could ever play, just launched recently and we are giving away free ranks to first players to join!

Enjoy all store items in game for free, all you need is to kill mobs and collect points
and buy then with points, which is quite easy, you can buy
crates, trails, xp, money &tags.

Daily rewards & referral system.
FAction Missions
There is 6 missions to complete for your faction and gain money prizes
faction upgrades
discover 12 upgrades to make your faction more powerful.
TNT Bank
It's hard when you want to fill your chests with tnts & lose all of them in a raid
we provide virtual tnt bank for free, you can keep all your TNTs safe and also
fill your droppers with one command.
Faction warps
Someone needs tp teleport to the enemy base? spawner or special place?
well you can set faction warps and even protect warps with passwords.
and give access to whoever member you want.
Faction logs
Inspect chests and know who exactly took the money, spawners and more become a powerful
leader and check even the inventories of your faction members, stay in control.
Faction alerts
All the players can set an alert to check the faction territory and get alerted.
You don't need ladders anymore when you can craft awesome elevator systems.
TNT Fill
Fill your cannons with one command directly from your TNT bank.
Chunck busters, clear out whole areas with one click.
Genbuckets, makes youor life easier filling vertically or horizontally.
Player back packs
Trading sytem.
Stack mobs
silk spawners
Blowable obsidian

We hope you have a good time with us.

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