LvHostGaming FTB Presents DireWolf20


Heyo and welcome to LvHostGaming FTB Presents DireWolf 20 1.10 Dedicated Server!

This server is PvPvE, yet You are not allowed to steal from claims - more details below.

Hosted on a Dedicated Linux SSD machine.

Currently Using DireWolf 20 1.10 pack which can be found on Curse(latest)

1.) Be respectful
2.) English only in global chat
3.) No spamming, swearing, advertising, racism
4.) No stealing from other player claims
5.) If player asks You to leave their claim - You have to do it
6.) You are allowed to kill anyone not on their own claim, same as You may take anything unclaimed
7.) No hacked clients or custom modifications allowed
8.) Do not abuse buggs or exploits, make sure to report them on our forums
9.) Anything causing server to crash must be reported, not abused


- No FTBU Chunkloading
- Max 30 claimable chunks
- 1 Max Home

- No FTBU Chunkloading
- Max 100 claimable chunks
- 2 Max Homes

- Max 9 Loaded Chunks(for 12h offline time)
- Max 200 claimable chunks
- 3 Max Homes

- Max 21 Loaded Chunks(for 12h offline time)
- Max 400 claimable chunks
- 5 Max Homes

Ranks will be edited over time and are manually assigned to players. They are here to show our trust level on each player - so new players that come to grief or break server dont get to do it instantly.

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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.10.2 Version
  • 26.9% Uptime
  • 19 hours Last Ping
  • 0 Votes

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