LvHostGaming FTB Presents DireWolf20


Hosted in Germany - Linux SSD VPS box

Running on Thermos - this is not a vanilla server anymore!

Full server rules:
* Be respectful
* English only in global chat
* No spamming, swearing, advertising, racism
* No stealing from other player claims
* If another player asks You to leave their claim, you have to do it
* No hacked clients or custom modifications allowed
* Do not abuse buggs or exploits, make sure to report them on our forums
* Anything causing server to crash must be reported, not abused

Staff ignoring rules themself is to be demoted without warning

Currently 40 player slots, to see how many players it can handle, may open up more slots if there is a need to do so.

We are banning anything that can bypass claims or cause server to crash.
Banned features(updated constantly on website):
* PortalGun
* IC2 Mining Laser
* IC2 Nuke
* Demon ritual

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  • 0/100 Players
  • 1.10.2 Version
  • 95.9% Uptime
  • 4 hours Last Ping
  • 0 Votes

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