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Snorky Craft Semi-Vanilla MMO Server!
● It's basically a very enhanced Minecraft vanilla experience ●You can obtain over 40+ DeluxeTags through our 400+ Achievements system! /tags & /aach list
No Pay2Win, The more EliteMobs bosses you kill you'll obtain Boss Keys which is then used for Cosmetic Crate!
PlayerWarps! Wanted to let people visit your warp and hang out with you? well, you can!
GriefPrevention! Claim the land with just a simple command or use a golden shovel to mark your territory
Chopping trees has never been easier than before with Ultimate Timber!
We have Dungeons Such ass Roguelikes or EliteMobs
Silk Touch Spawners? You don't even need silk touch to get spawners!
Rogues Likes are dungeons that are designed to help people to progress to Elite Progression
EliteMobs is a plugin that enables the ability to make mobs grow stronger the more the player progress!
We strive for perfection so no keep inventory!

Join us now at!
The server designed to make survival experience truly hell!
You can also join our discord at

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  • 4/100 Players
  • 1.17 Version
  • 83.3% Uptime
  • 6 days Last Ping
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