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Tiga networks is a fairly new family orientated minecraft server with friendly staff that are always available; we currently have Towny, Outcasts, Creative, Skywars, Skyblock, Hunger Games and CS:GO(Minecraft style). We are adding MCInfected, TF2 and TNT Run as soon as our talented builders have completed the arenas for it.

Our main servers are TOWNY and OUTCASTS, so let’s start with introducing Towny.

TOWNY is a relatively calm server for the builders and more peaceful players. You can live as a nomad in the wilds, fighting mobs to defend your home, or you can strive to create a successful town that’s monster free unless set otherwise.

OUTCASTS on the other hand is meant for the more experienced player that feels ‘HARD’ is ‘EASY’. Outcasts is a factions/prison hybrid type of server that casts you out into the wilds as a prisoner sent to die. Monsters spawn day and night, beyond that the air is toxic and will slowly drain your hunger, forcing you to find a sustainable living while having to defend yourself at all hours from other prisoners and mobs. Your goal is to kill, raid and grief your way to the top of the food chain in the all out war to survive in the harsh environment. You may not kill new prisoners, called Freshmeat, until they’re promoted after a certain time frame.

CREATIVE is for the more creative people, we have a Creative server for Building Events, or just to go test something. Hey, you never know, if it’s really good we might even use it on our server!

Our mini-games are always fun and a nice way to beat your friends with a big stick. :D

Towny and Outcasts both have starter kits to help you get started. Though Towny has a light-blue shiny gem surprise for newcomers also.

Come join us for a fun and friendly experience at:

Server: mc.tiganetworks.co.za
Teamspeak Server: ts.tiganetworks.co.za
Website: www.tiganetworks.enjin.com

All are welcome on our server, especially from South Africa

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