Red Lotus Craft


Red Lotus Craft is 1.16.1 semi-vanilla whitelisted server with only coreprotect plugin. !8+ players are only ones accepted. Idea of server is medival style town, but we do don't mind if you wanna make your own base. Still it is nice to build and play together. I also almost forgot to add that server map will never be reset so all of our builds will not be lost. last but not least, everyone on server is playing legit, me included and there is no flying. If you wanna join, look us up on our discoord server:


1) No PVP (it is blocked anyway)
2) No griefing
3) No stealing
4) No pranking or any other method of annoying other players.
5) On purpose burning and blowing stuff up is also prohibited.
6) Lastly but no least, no swearing, racism, insulting or any other inapropriate behaviour
7) I am 45 yo player and I do not tolerate thiss offences, so expect to be permabanned.

See you in game.

P.S. in case of link problems, look me up directly oon discoord: HellRider#8323

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  • 1.16.1 Version
  • 72.1% Uptime
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