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After a long break, I finally feel refreshed and ready to start working on a server again. I will be re-opening Windingmon which is exciting for me and whoever from the community wants to try it out. I hope that the server does well just like last time and I hope it can succeed and be a place where fighting between staff is at a low and gameplay is enjoyable. This server will probably be my last server I ever make because school is getting tougher and I'm beginning to get a Social life lol. I do enjoy working on servers, and I will continue doing that and helping people who need it, but I won't be running any more servers after this one.

We will be hiring staff as soon as I get the server ready and I feel like it's out of beta/alpha stages. The staff ranks will include the basics, and then some ranks that I like on the ranking board so others can feel special/important just like the staff (I have not decided on the particular positions yet).

~ red0fireus

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